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Haggar Slacks Commercial, no. 1
Commercial for Haggar Slacks focuses on the benefits of Haggar for comfort, convenience, and style
Haggar Slacks Commercial, no. 2
Commercial for Haggar Slacks’ new Forever Prest Plus slacks
Haggar Slacks Commercial, no. 3
Commercial for Haggar Mustang Slacks proves that grandmothers can still be hip to what’s “right on”
Haggar Slacks Commercial, no. 4
Advertisement for Haggar Slacks promising attention from the ladies with Haggar Slacks
Haggar Slacks Commercial, no. 5
Advertisement for Haggar Slacks proves that with Haggar Slacks and tops, you don’t have to spend a lot to...
Haggar Slacks Commercial, no. 6
Advertisement for Haggar Slacks shows that with Haggar slacks and tops, you don’t have to spend a lot to ...
Haggar Slacks Commercial, no. 7
This advertisement for Haggar Slacks shows that only a dummy wouldn’t look good in slacks by Haggar
Haggar Slacks Commercial, no. 8
Advertisement for Haggar Slacks proves that Haggar slacks or a Haggar suit is all it takes to be sociable
The Figueroa Family Collection - Family Picnic
Home movie footage of the Figueroa family on a family picnic where they have a watermelon eating contest
The Tyrrell Historical Library Collection - How to Be Sexy (1982)
PM Magazine segment for Beaumont’s KFDM-TV about what hair and fashion experts believe make men look sexy
W.H. Tilley Collection, no. 1 - 1910s and 1920s
Collection of clips shot in the 1910s and 1920s of the Tilley brothers and their families in and around A...
W.H. Tilley Collection, no. 5 - 1950s
Home movie footage of a 1957 Austin Horseless Carriage Club meet and parade, a train derailment on West 5...