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Focus 16: Billie Chandler and the Japanese Art Museum of Corpus Christi (1975)
Episode of local television show in Corpus Christi highlighting pieces from the museum collection
The Cecil Camp Family Collection, no. 1 - Dealey Plaza and JFK Assassination News Coverage (196
Home movie scenes of Dealey Plaza after President Kennedy’s assassination and the family tv during a broa...
The E.B. Hopkins Collection, no. 9 - Family Celebrations and Texas Happenings (1937-38)
Home movie footage from the 1930s, including a family wedding and a trip to the Texas Centennial Exposition
The Ouida Whitaker Dean Collection, no. 3 - Spirit of ‘76 Talent Show
Home movie from scenes of the 1976 Timpson Schools PTA pageant and talent show, themed “Spirit of ‘76”
The Stephens Family Films, no. 1 - Dealey Plaza in Mourning, Ronnie’s Apartment (1963)
Home movie scenes of Dealey Plaza in the days after President Kennedy’s assassination
The Strawn Collection, no. 1 - Football and Dealey Plaza the Day After (1963)
Home movie scenes of a football game and of Dealey Plaza the day after JFK’s assassination
The Texas State Museum of Asian Cultures Collection - Japanese Cultural Events
1960s home movie of Billie Trimble Chandler participating in several Japanese cultural events and observi...
Thomas F. Freeman Collection, no. 17 - Funerals (1970)
Home movie scenes of the service and burial for two funerals
Thomas F. Freeman Collection, no. 54 - Middie Fuller’s Funeral (1971)
Home movie scenes of the Freemans attending Middie Fuller’s funeral and burial
Thomas F. Freeman Collection, no. 69 - Anniversary Tea (1975)
Home movie scenes of Mt. Horem’s Anniversary Tea, Dr. Freeman with a broken bone, and a party for a visit...
Thomas F. Freeman Collection, no. 73 - Funerals
Home movie footage of two funerals and a burial
Tour of the Bauer House
News footage of a group tour through the historic Austin residence of the Chancellor of the University of...