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Frito-Lay Commercial, no. 1 - Bean Dip Recipe
Advertisement for Frito-Lay targets the lady of the house by offering free recipes and cookbooks using th...
Frito-Lay Commercial, no. 2 - Bean Dip
Advertisement for Fritos Jalapeno Bean Dip showing how infusing bean dip with just a dash of jalapeno lea...
Frito-Lay Commercial, no. 3 - Bean Dip
Commercial for Fritos Jalapeno Bean Dip sends the consumer on a trip to the beaches of Mexico
Frito-Lay Commercial, no. 4 - Bean Dip
Commercial for Fritos Jalapeno Bean Dip relays the current sad state of dips in this country
Frito-Lay Commercial, no. 9 - Doritos
Advertisement for Doritos tortilla chips where the viewer is whisked away on a beach vacation where “Dori...
Fritos Jalapeño Bean Dip Ad (c. 1967)
Ad for Fritos Jalapeño Bean Dip
The Tenth Annual International Debutante Ball (1964)
Filmed-for-television coverage of the Tenth Annual International Debutante Ball, featuring three Texas be...
Workin’ from Can’t to Can’t: African-American Cowboys in Texas (1995)
1995 documentary highlighting the lives of African-American cowboys working in the Texas Gulf Coast durin...