New Releases: May 2013


New additions to the Texas Archive of the Moving Image in May include a wide variety of materials: educational films, training films, home movies, news clips, and industrial films. Below, discover some of the exciting new pieces in the archive!

From the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department comes a collection of films from the 1970s educating Texans about parks, wildlife systems, and recreational safety.  A Boat is Not a Car is an educational film that instructs viewers in boat safety (things get a little crazy when the woman learns to drive the boat!). Of special interest in this film is the lead actor, Guich Koock, an Austinite who is also the nephew of folklorist and broadcast personality, John Henry Faulk. Throughout the 1970s and 80s, Koock sustained a Hollywood acting career while co-owning the town of Luckenbach with Hondo Crouch!  Read more about Koock on the video’s page. Another highlight of the TPWD collection is a series of PSAs for the Texas Voluntary Hunter Safety Training Program that sends out a call for volunteers with gun knowledge to help educate kids on gun safety. This PSA appeals to the frontier hero in every Texan, paying homage to Daniel Boone while recognizing that even frontier heroes need to know about safe gun handling. Another PSA from the same series asks how all the young Texans living in urban areas will learn the values that nature and hunting have to offer. In Time for Seafood!, a young homemaker discusses the benefits of preparing fish – nutrition, economy, ease of preparation, and variety – and visits Austin’s Quality Seafood circa 1970, when they had just moved to their present location on Airport Boulevard.

In the Abilene Christian University collection, be sure to view Looking Ahead to Greater Horizons to get a perspective of college life during the postwar years. Through a review of the university’s major benefactors, the film makes an appeal for donations to help build up campus housing for the school’s World War II veterans. In Track and Field with ACU’s Bobby Morrow, watch several newsclips focusing on Abilene Christian College star, Bobby Morrow. In addition to Morrow’s record-breaking relay team that included Waymond Griggs, Bill Woodhouse, and James Segrest, the clips also feature many other track athletes from the 1956 Olympics, such as Milt Campbell and Charles Dumas.

Check out footage of several of famed architect Harwell Harris’s Texas projects, such as The Cranfill House in Austin, now on the National Register of Historic Places, which was co-designed by Harris and Eugene George, a Harvard grad who reignited the building restoration and preservation movement in Texas in the 1960s. The Texas State Fair House in Dallas was designed by Harris and his UT architecture students when Harris was dean of the school in the 1950s.

Among the new collections up in May are some stand-alone favorites! Made by Austin Parks and Recreation in the 1940s, this film gives viewers a peek at Austin’s beloved landmarks, Barton Springs and Deep Eddy, in their early days as city parks.  From Don Stokes, comes The Computer Tutor . . . or How to Teach Your Computer to Read that demonstrates the exciting new technology of the electronic retina computing reader.  Explore all of the new opportunities for data processing that are possible when you teach your computer to read our language! Finally, if you’ve ever been curious about preservation work at TAMI, now you can watch Technical Director Afsheen Nomai demonstrate film cleaning and digitization in this video.

Enjoy and check back next month for more new releases from the archive!