New Releases: January 2018

Happy 2018! As we ponder what the future has in store, let us begin another year of New Releases with some science fiction.

With the help of friends and a Super 8 camera, TAMI donor O’Brien Stanley produced a number of amateur films as an adolescent in Nacogdoches. He later became a professor at Lamar University in Beaumont, focusing in film and video production. This series of shorts reveals Stanley’s great love for popular culture and science fiction, featuring plots involving werewolves and UFOs.

Stanley’s opus, however, is Interstellar Journey. An episodic series in the style of Star Trek, Interstellar Journey follows the crew of the USS Constitution as they search for new life in outer space. This installment, “Star of Death,” chronicles the ship’s escape from black holes Saturn’s gravitational pull. Stanley plays Captain Powers.

Watch part two here.

Another episode, “Lorg’s Chamber,” sees the USS Constitution crew defeat the titular alien leader.

Watch part two here.

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