New Releases: September 2014


As election season heats up, enjoy this rare campaign footage of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson in this month’s New Releases! On September 12, 1960, Kennedy and Johnson touched down in Texas for a couple days of campaigning. This film captures scenes of the campaign as it travels through Fort Worth and Dallas, stopping in parks and parking lots as Kennedy addresses overwhelmingly large and enthusiastic crowds. Though most of the footage is silent, a portion of Kennedy’s speech in Ft. Worth’s Burnett Park can be heard. In it, Kennedy responds to Republican accusations that he is not a true member of the Democratic party by saying, “we do not need members of the Republican party to tell us for what the Democratic party stands!” Throughout the footage, a cast of Texas political characters can be seen alongside JFK and LBJ. Texas politician and Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn, U.S. Senator from Texas Ralph Yarborough, and Barefoot Sanders, who would soon be appointed United States Attorney for the Northern District of Texas by Kennedy, are all seen on the platform. The campaign also makes a stop at the Chance Vought Aircraft factory at the Dallas Naval Air Station, where Kennedy is presented with a cowboy hat that he waves as his convertible pulls away. Enjoy this fantastic footage, and check back next month for more New Releases!

Special thanks to donor Roger Simon.