New Releases: July 2014

Need a Mad Men fix to hold you over between seasons? These advertisements from the 1960s should do the trick! New to the Archive this month are a series of ads from Dallas’ Visual Presentations Production Company, produced by Bert Rodriguez. The sampling of ads featured in our New Releases gives you a taste of the 60s style, jingles, charming ladies, and good times to be found throughout the entire Visual Presentations collection.

First, “have a ball!” with girls in go-go boots in this Dr Pepper ad – “it’s the wildest, the craziest, the zaniest! It’s . . . WOW!” This advertisement for Southern Union natural gas company is an amusing product of its time, as a new bride discovers the miracle of flame in the kitchen, making her life as a new wife much easier. This ad for Play Mate body toner has an upbeat jingle that explains why the “active man” needs Play Mate. If you swing, if you win, if you lose -- you need Play Mate. It also features some groovy 1960s dance moves! Last up is an ad for the National Beer of Texas, Lone Star Beer. Join a young couple on the beach and on a sailing trip as they enjoy cold Lone Star beers because “you deserve the best, nothing less!” Enjoy these advertising gems, and check back next month for more New Releases from the Archive.