New Releases: July 2013

This month, TAMI’s new releases include a myriad of exciting materials! Start by checking out some great footage from the Jim Ruddy Collection. Taped on the set of the PBS children’s series, Wishbone, for Entertainment Tonightthis clip captures scenes of Wishbone saying hello to ET and trying on costumes with his costume designer. Another clip captures Executive Producer Rick Duffield discussing the creation of Wishbone and casting Soccer the dog in the titular role. Also from Ruddy comes a series of clips from his time as a reporter for Eyewitness News. In this clip, Ruddy reports on an unruly crowd buying tickets for a 1978 Rolling Stones concert, and here Ruddy covers the San Antonio Garbage Workers strike in July of 1978. Directed by Ruddy for Entertainment Tonighthere you can watch an interview with Suzanna Gratia Hupp, a survivor of the 1991 Luby’s Massacre in Killeen and future Texas State Representative. You can learn more about the Luby’s Massacre in this interview with America’s Most Wanted host John Walsh.

Historic Texas figures are featured in several new releases. From the Cactus Pryor collection, be sure to watch the memorial service for humorist and activist John Henry Faulk, where actress Karen Kuykendall (Faulk’s niece), Jerry Jeff Walker, Cactus Pryor, and Molly Ivins, among others, pay tribute to the legendary Texan. Also from the Cactus Pryor collection is extensive footage from the inauguration of Texas Governor Ann Richards. Witness the historic “March to Take Back the Texas Capitol”, when Governor-elect Richards and her family led thousands of Texans down Congress Avenue to the capitol for the swearing-in ceremony. A new home movie from the LBJ Presidential Library shows scenes of a young LBJ swimming at Lake Buchanan with George R. Brown, Senator A.J. Mirtz, JC Kellam, and Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn in 1943. Lady Bird narrates the home movies and can also be seen in her “very native habitat”, a field of bluebonnets, with Eugenia Boehringer Lasseter, Emily Crow, and Texas Ranger Colonel R.W. Aldrich. In “From Horses to Horsepower”, see Col. Homer Garrison, Jr., director of the DPS, on hand to help the Texas Rangers transition from a horse cavalry to an automobile fleet in 1956.

For some entertaining, very 1990s laughs, check out this series of Texas Bud Light commercials featuring a group of men who dress as “Texas girls” in an attempt to get more free beer. Another great standalone addition to the archive is the 1942 feature film Texas to Bataan from the “Range Buster” western series. In Texas to Bataan, the Range Busters (a group of cowboys that includes ventriloquist dummy Elmer Sneezeweed) get entangled with Axis spies during WWII, eventually saving the day just as Pearl Harbor occurs, inspiring them all to enlist. Also be sure to watch Freedom Highway, a 1956 travelogue sponsored by Greyhound Bus Lines that stars Tommy Kirk, Angie Dickinson, and Tex Ritter. Our Texas Heritage, a 1963 educational film, tells the story of Texas from its pioneer days to the oil booms and cattle ranches of the early 20th century and features murals painted by renowned artist Eugene Montgomery.

In home movies this month, catch scenes of 1950s Odessa in the Cochran Family Films. In this home movie, the Cochran boys practice their bicycle paper route for the Odessa American in front of the family home. Here, the Cochran children go to see an elephant and a brown bear that were visiting Odessa High School. You can also watch some great parade footage, such as the 1956 Lions Club International Parade in Mexico City,  the Odessa Rodeo Parade in 1950, and the Odessa Shriners Parade in 1951.

Please revisit June’s Mystery Video to help TAMI identify Texas politicians and media figures, and, as always, check back next month for more new additions to the archive!