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Deborah Stargardt
2017-03-17 07:47:14
This footage was a real gift - to see my paternal grandfather (Elmer Hancock) that I only had the opportunity to meet once in my life. Hearing the story of my ancestors was amazing! Thanks so much for sharing.
Sue Cook
2015-08-30 04:05:59
I really enjoyed seeing this film. I didn"t have the opportunity to meet Tommy"s Dad, Heber, before he passed. I have been to hollow rock many times with my children on picnics and appreciate the work that was put into this film and the history that the gentlemen shared .
Pat Franks Crawford
2015-08-06 20:57:10
I was there with Mrs. Dean when these films were made. We have been re-watching these lately and some of our family members are seeing and hearing their grandfathers voices for the first time.