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Conservative Democrat
2014-02-05 23:31:50
@MJ Wardlow, there"s a photo of Governor Clements and his wife, Rita taken inside the TX Capitol with Richards that I can email them to you. My email is
MJ Wardlow
2013-12-11 17:48:44
No, Gov. Clements did not attend. It is a tradition in Texas for the outgoing governor to leave a picnic lunch for the incoming governor at the Mansion on inauguration day and mark a Bible verse as well. Then let the incoming governor have his or her day. Gov. Clements followed this tradition.
M Fendley
2013-08-14 15:31:07
@Conservative Democrat, I would assume so, but he is not in any of the footage that we have, nor can I find mention of his presence in the inaugural records. I"ll get in touch with directly if I get a definitive answer.
Conservative Democrat
2013-08-13 22:17:19
Does anyone know if outgoing Governor Bill Clements (R) attended the inauguration ceremony for newly elected Gov. Ann Richards on January 15, 1991 ?