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M Fendley
2013-03-04 22:32:30
Rita, thanks so much for this information! Feel free to comment with the list of names or email us any more information you find. We appreciate it!
Rita Ractliffe
2013-03-03 10:50:43
The 5th girl sitting from the right(platinum blonde with extreme marcel wave) as the film starts, is my mother, Nikki Maxwell (married: Ractliffe). She won numerous beauty contests around Dallas at the time. I have a bunch of newspaper clips and programs and photos of her and some of the other ladies, who were named as honorary Texas Rangerettes (NO relation to the cheerleaders that came later). They were to be hostesses and helpmates at the various Centennial functions. I am trying to find out more info about the other ladies for a book I"m trying to write on the subject. Would love to hear from anyone who has info. I will pull my archives and list all the names that I have of the ladies. Would love to [ost all my materials here so others can see. Thanks SO much for this glimpse of my mom at the fair! (Although that bit with them leaning backwards and lifting their legs was a bit much - could never do that today! Innocent times, for sure. And the bit with the one girl being kicked into the mold was sort of funny.)