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2013-08-09 02:51:03
great memories. went to many parades with my grandfather. he was in the Shrine as well as his twin brother. Im sure he was there that day.. just couldnt spot him. but thanks for sharing this.\r\n
M Fendley
2013-03-01 15:36:59
Hi, Gail! We can"t give an exact date for this film, the original was undated and there is no tell-tale sign in the footage itself, but based on the other films in this collection that *were* dated, and on the number of 1950 model cars (new cars were often shown off in parades), we can date this film as circa 1950. Hope that helps!
Gail Willeford
2013-02-26 20:48:32
Curious to see if you can tell me the year of this film? Thank you