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Forrest Preece
2015-10-20 23:52:08
In reply to Mr. Pettengill"s message above, I am sorry to say that Gordon Wilkison died on Jan 30, 2013. He was a fine man -- a true Texas gentleman and a legend in local arts and filmmaking circles.
Maurice Pettengill
2015-04-16 21:58:23
Just read the article about Gordon Wilkison. We served in the US Army together in 1053-1955.tationed in Munich, Germany. I have tried to call him but the number I have is disconnected. I am 82 and 'Wilk' was a few years older than me. I wonder if he is still alive? Does anyone know?
Beverly Robinson
2013-11-25 17:03:28
I'm the girl who gave the complete copy of the movie "Target Austin" to the archives. My Mother is the screaming woman. I also have a photo of my Mother with her portable video tape recorder standing next to the KTBC reporters station wagon, called "Red Rover." My Mother was Barbara Robinson, The first female anchor woman in Austin, maybe in Texas. Also have pictures of her w/ LBJ & Lady Bird. My brother & I, were known by the early personalities before we were even born. We made still photo advertisments for Holiday House on Barton Springs. Jess ran the switchboard. Kitty was FM radio. Being on Uncle Jay & playing piano. Packer Jack's chimpanzee. The Fiji Parties. That horrible Whitman day... too many memories to recall here. Anyway, I was born & raised here & I will always love the 'old' Austin. Beverly Robinson
2013-05-22 18:20:04
The man who played Coleen Hardin"s husband in Target Austin was Harvey R. Herbst of Austin. He passed away May 17, 2013.
Elizabeth Hansen
2013-03-29 17:19:22
The soundtrack on this film is very similar to the music used in Home from the Hill (1960)
M Fendley
2013-02-07 16:46:20
Thank you so much, Forrest! We always appreciate help making our site as accurate as possible.
Forrest Preece
2013-02-04 05:33:36
One factual error in your sidebar -- it was the 'Toy Palace' not 'Toy Place' on Lavaca. My parents used to take me there. :-)