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2016-05-27 21:47:36
Love Texas history
Betty Saenz
2016-04-20 19:22:28
Fun to see this video! My family came to the Austin TX area of Travis County in the 1870"s. Swedish farmers just east of town on the flat blackland plains. They then moved to 1903 Red River in Swedish Hill. Next and last was their home at 608 Texas Avenue. The good ole" days! Loved Hancock Center. Too bad it does not look like that now. Yes, I was there in the 1960"s! Let"s save our history!
Ray Frushay
2015-11-21 16:24:20
Excellent,..very good. ..I enjoyed it. ..Yes,..brought back memories. ..In 1965, I was 21 years old, already 3 years a professional in show business, and Austin launched me,...and Cactus Pryor helped. ..