The second largest state in the nation, Texas is a massive state with a diverse topography including plains, deserts, hills, mountains forests, and coast.


Lesson Plans

Traveling Texas

Students will analyze moving image primary sources from home movie collections to access characteristics of te four regions of Texas. Then, students will research, plan and map their own Texas trip through a chosen region.

TEKS: Social Studies Grades 4 and 7.

Mapping Melton

Using archival footage, web resources, and geographic knowledge, students will understand the term “itinerant” and apply this knowledge to the creation of a map documenting key United States landforms and the travels of itinerant filmmaker, Melton Barker.

TEKS: Social Studies Grades 3 - 7.


Texas - The Big State

Take a trip across Texas with the 1952 film, “Texas – The Big State.” This activity familiarizes students with the geography of the state as well as important landmarks and industries of the mid-20th century Texas.

TEKS: Social Studies Grades 4 and 7