The Texas Moving Image Archive Program


The Texas Moving Image Archive Program is a collaboration between the Texas Archive of the Moving Image (TAMI) and the Texas Film Commission to discover, preserve, digitize and disseminate seldom-seen moving images of Texas such as home movies, educational films, training videos and locally-produced film and television.

The Texas Moving Image Archive Program is made up of four components – digitization of film and video, the growth of an online library of Texas-related film and video, a film “round-up” tour, and an educational curriculum for use in K-12 classrooms.

Digitization of YOUR Texas-related Film and Video

Every day film and video representations of Texas are lost as these unique records rapidly decompose. Transferring films and videos via digitization can make these resources more accessible and prevents deterioration to original materials.

TAMI wants to help you save your film and video while growing an archive of Texas-related moving images. TAMI will digitize your film and video in exchange for the donation of the electronic copy to the TAMI collection. After digitization, your original film or video will be returned to you along with a DVD copy. TAMI will incorporate the digital copy of your media and your family or organization’s story into our growing collection. By participating in this program, you actively help us accomplish our mission of conserving reel Texas history!

What kind of movies are we looking for? Everything from home movies, advertisements, political footage, educational films, and locally-produced television and film in a wide array of formats. TAMI representatives can help you decide whether or not your movies are appropriate for the Archive Program’s collection and what technical assistance might be required. TAMI will begin accepting materials for transfer and donation on July 1, 2008. Please email or call us for more information – or just send material to:

Texas Archive of the Moving Image
Attn: Film Round-Up Program
501 N. IH-35, Suite 204
Austin, TX 78702-3259

Be sure to include all of your contact information!!

Please Note: All donations to the Archive Program must be free from copyright, or the donor must be willing to place the film in the public domain. The Texas Film Commission reserves the right to review all content before inclusion in the Archive Program’s collection.

Online Library of Texas-related Film and Video

A selection of films from the Archive Program’s collection will become part of the TAMI library. This online showcase will feature projects that represent the breadth of Texas’ cultural history and its century of motion picture production. The online library will be accessible to the public and easy to browse for use by everyone from Texas students to people around the world interested in the State’s history.

Use the search box to the left to search our online video library, or visit the Main Page

Educational Curriculum for K-12 Schools

TAMI is developing an educational resource kit to guide teachers in the use of the on-line library in the classroom. Kits will focus on using the TAMI collection to teach relevant Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for social studies and media literacy in grades K through 12. Educational resource kits will be available beginning Fall 2009.

The Texas “Film Round-Up!!”

During the Texas Film Round-Up, TAMI will target several Texas communities in order to discover materials for the online library as well as to educate Texans about film preservation and Texas’ film heritage.

Texans will be encouraged to bring their films and home movies to each tour stop, where TAMI representatives will be on hand to answer questions and help evaluate potential donations. We will also have mobile digitization equipment with us at each stop in order to transfer donated films on the spot.

TAMI will also organize educational exhibits, programs and screenings focused on Texas film history and film and video preservation. The Film Round-Up will begin in Spring, 2009.

Interested in having the Round-Up travel to your town??
Contact us at or at 512-485-3073.

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