New Releases: September 2013

We are excited to announce September’s additions to the Texas Archive of the Moving Image, including government and industrial films, news segments, documentaries, some fantastic home movies, and much more!

Female empowerment emerges as a theme in new materials from the Stokes Collection. Two recruiting films made in 1977 and 1980 for Mary Kay, Inc. showcase the modern career woman– the first follows the journey of a beauty consultant to success, and the second describes the Mary Kay business model through interviews with Mary Kay herself! Both include great imagery and narration about the glamorous Mary Kay lifestyle. Strictly On Your Own portrays the life-changing experience of a female marine as she goes through training, learning teamwork and discipline strictly on her own. Also from Stokes is a reel of advertisements for Texas Electric from the late 1960s featuring a group of young ladies singing a catchy jingle, “People Power,” and an industrial film for Southwestern Bell starring impressionist Rich Little doing his best Bing Crosby, Cary Grant, and Ed Sullivan, among others!

Three new films from the Cold War Era give a glimpse into El Paso’s Military history. They Major in Missiles profiles the new White Sands Cooperative Training Program in 1959 that offered students in West Texas and New Mexico the opportunity to train in engineering and missile technology, on which, the narrator emphasizes, “our very existence may depend.” This newsreel footage captures scenes of President John F. Kennedy’s visit to El Paso’s Biggs Air Force Base in June of 1963, just months before his assassination. This 1970 episode of The Big Picture features Fort Bliss, focusing on its role as an Air Defense Artillery Center and the base’s work with missiles.

New contributions from the every-growing Ruddy collection include segments of Dallas’ Eyewitness News from the 1970s. In this news story, Ruddy covers the first open tryouts for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders in 1976. Watch these lovely Dallas ladies audition by showing off their dance moves! This story follows The Who’s Roger Daltrey on a visit through Dallas as he promotes the film Tommy before a concert in Ft. Worth. In contrast, this 1975 story covers goat tying training in Burleson, Texas as taught by Vicki Higgins Emerson, a former intercollegiate goat tying champion.

From the University of Texas at El Paso come two films, likely made in 1945, showing the women of the Texas College of Mines thriving on campus during the war. Here you can see well-dressed co-eds meeting on campus, decorating their dorm room, and performing science experiments, and in this reel, the ladies play in the drumline, perform impressive twirling feats, and welcome actress Jeneatte MacDonald to campus. Also from UTEP, be sure to catch two documentaries – one on migrant farmworkers in Texas, narrated by Rosa Guerrero, and another on the El Paso music scene of 1980, Home on the Rio.

Last, but not least, are several home movies contributed during the 2012 El Paso Film Round-up. From the Cummings Collection, a must-see is the humorous A Typical Christmas . . . a Fable.  This home movie features a group of early 1960s El Paso community leaders in a parody of a silent film made to promote the El Paso Junior League’s Holiday Provisional Bash. Also from the Cummings Collection is this picturesque home movie full of experiments with camera effects and film speed. This home movie from the Robert Henderson Collection captures scenes of an El Paso parade where floats of cartoon characters make their way down Scenic Drive, including a float of Andy Capp’s The Schmoo! Lastly, this home movie from the D’Ascenzo family captures scenes of the Vietnam War, including images of bombings, as well as soldiers playing with a puppy at the barracks. This month’s videos are proof that home movies truly capture the breadth of our daily existence!

Thanks for watching and check back next month for more new Texas videos!