Become a TAMI Tagger!

Tagging is the attachment of keywords or other descriptive information to an online item, such as a webpage or a picture. Another way to think about it is as adding personalized labels. Adding these tags or labels makes the information searchable on the terms in the tags.

Tagging at TAMI means identifying people and things in our videos, telling us when or where something happened, or even sharing anecdotes about the events taking place. TAMI tags link your knowledge to an exact place in the video. Clicking a link in the window to the right of the video will cue up the video to the “tagged” item.

When you see something you want to tag, follow the steps below. The numbers in the image below correspond to the number of the step when you click them.


When the video is at the point you wish to annotate:

1. Click the Begin button

2. When the segment you want to mark is finished, click the End button.

3. Click the blue TAMI Tagging link

4. In the resulting box, type in the information about the video clip.

5. Click on the Tag button. In a second or two, you should see a dialog box confirming that your tag was received.

Tags come to us anonymously, so if you wish to hear back from us, please send the information in an email to

You can also use this procedure to send an email to anyone you want to see the video, or share it via Digg, Delicious, Facebook and Twitter! Just click on the word "more..." for those options.


  • Type a subject, name, location, date or any other kind of keyword into the search box to see what kinds of related material exist in the TAMI library.
  • Browse our researched, curated collections
  • Click the "Random Film" link to discover a surprise video!

Video Playback

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