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The New American Schoolhouse
A broadened perspective on occupational education and learning outside the traditional classroom
Texas State Technical College Archive Collection, no. 3 - Learn to Earn at Connally Tech
Advertisements for the James Connally Technical Institute demonstrate the range of instructional courses ...
Dr. Freeman Reflects on His Time at Rice University
Dr. Freeman reflects on his time teaching at Rice University shortly after desegregation
Corpus Christi Student Films - Teaching Workshops
Teachers discuss the impact of television on children and ways they can enhance students’ self-concept
Corpus Christi Student Films - King High School and Port Aransas
1970s footage of students and teachers at King High School in Corpus Christi as well as the beachgoers in...
Are You Listening (1971)
Orphan film teaching children the importance of listening to directions
A Day at the Texas School for the Deaf
Film compilation of TSD students at various points throughout the day