Teach Texas - The Commercial Melting Pot

Videos used in the Teach Texas Lesson Plan: The Commercial Melting Pot - 20th Century Texas Business (Gr 4-7)

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Six Flags Over Texas Commercial, no. 1
According to this commercial, the sound of fun surrounds you at Six Flags Over Texas
Phillips Petroleum Company Commercial, no. 4
Advertisement for Phillips Petroleum focuses on the role of Phillips in the development of a life saving ...
Old El Paso Commercial, no. 1
Commercial for Old El Paso relates Texas Rose’s struggles in the kitchen to create something exciting to eat
Mrs. Baird's Bread Commercial, no. 3
Commercial for Mrs. Baird’s Bakeries that evokes a sense of nostalgia by relating some of the bakery’s hi...
Lone Star Gas Commercial, no. 4
Lone Star Gas commercial demonstrates how cleanly natural gas burns
Imperial Sugar Commercial, no. 1 (1963)
Advertisement for Imperial Sugar includes a catchy jingle to remind consumers that Imperial Sugar is made...
Haggar Slacks Commercial, no. 3
Commercial for Haggar Mustang Slacks proves that grandmothers can still be hip to what’s “right on”
Frito-Lay Commercial, no. 3 - Bean Dip
Commercial for Fritos Jalapeno Bean Dip sends the consumer on a trip to the beaches of Mexico
Frito-Lay Commercial, no. 13 - Doritos
Advertisement for Frito-Lay features comedian Avery Schreiber demonstrating how “one good crunch leads to...
Dr Pepper Commercial, no. 2
Dick Clark promotes an alternative to a refreshing icy Dr Pepper
Dallas Market - Center of World Trade
Film that presents all aspects of why Dallas is the ideal setting for a world-class market
Butter Krust Student Tours
Anglo and African-American elementary students tour Austin’s Butter Krust bread-making factory during the...