In 1926 Joseph M. Haggar opened the Dallas Pant Manufacturing Company, selling his wares to department stores and other clothing retailers. In 1933, in the midst of the Great Depression, the company expanded into its second location in Greenville, TX. In 1938, the company branded its pants with the Haggar name and has since grown to be an internationally recognized producer of high quality men’s apparel. Though the company’s origins were in the field of men’s pants – they are credited with coining the term “slacks” – Haggar now offers clothing for men from head-to-toe. The company is still headquartered in Dallas.

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Haggar Slacks Commercial, no. 8
Advertisement for Haggar Slacks proves that Haggar slacks or a Haggar suit is all it takes to be sociable
Haggar Slacks Commercial, no. 7
This advertisement for Haggar Slacks shows that only a dummy wouldn’t look good in slacks by Haggar
Haggar Slacks Commercial, no. 6
Advertisement for Haggar Slacks shows that with Haggar slacks and tops, you don’t have to spend a lot to ...
Haggar Slacks Commercial, no. 5
Advertisement for Haggar Slacks proves that with Haggar Slacks and tops, you don’t have to spend a lot to...
Haggar Slacks Commercial, no. 4
Advertisement for Haggar Slacks promising attention from the ladies with Haggar Slacks
Haggar Slacks Commercial, no. 3
Commercial for Haggar Mustang Slacks proves that grandmothers can still be hip to what’s “right on”
Haggar Slacks Commercial, no. 2
Commercial for Haggar Slacks’ new Forever Prest Plus slacks
Haggar Slacks Commercial, no. 1
Commercial for Haggar Slacks focuses on the benefits of Haggar for comfort, convenience, and style