Dan Rather

Journalist, Anchor of the CBS Evening News, 1981 - 2005

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The Fritzler Files - Hurricane Carla (1961)
Home movie footage of people on the streets of Galveston during Hurricane Carla, including reporter Dan R...
Remarks Upon Signing the Civil Rights Act, April 11, 1968
President Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act of 1968 – also known as the Fair Housing Act – into law
Presidential Press Secretary Bill Moyers Resigns
Press Secretary Bill Moyers announces his resignation to become publisher of a Long Island newspaper
Once In a Lifetime
Documentary chronicling the events of Lynda Bird Johnson's White House wedding.
LBJ and Hubert Humphrey Victory Barbecue (1964)
President Lyndon Baines Johnson and Vice President Hubert Humphrey enjoy a barbecue at the LBJ Ranch in S...
Dan Rather, Agnes Moorehead, Lucretia Love Awards Ceremony (c.1971)
Footage of an awards ceremony honoring actress Agnes Moorehead and journalist Dan Rather