Car Crashes

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Wreck I
Footage of the aftermath of a head-on collision with onlooking bystanders
Wreck III
Footage of the aftermath of a car wreck involving local taxi company Roy’s Taxi
Two Automobile Wrecks
In this footage most likely shot for an Austin-based network news affiliate, two automobile wrecks are shown
The Palin Bree Collection, no. 3 - Scenery from the Road
Home movie footage from the road including panoramic shots of the desert, a passing cargo train, and a ca...
The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, February, 1963
KHOU-TV news clips from February, 1963
Police At The Scene Of A Car Wreck
Police officers survey the area surrounding a car crash while onlookers crowd around the flipped over veh...
Mailboxes May Be Hazardous To Your Health! (1989)
Educational film examining how mailboxes can be dangerous for motorists
Fatal Car Wreck on Austin's Bull Creek Road
Footage of a fatal accident at the intersection of Bull Creek Rd. and White Rock Drive in Austin
Fatal Car Wreck I (2013)
Student film using archival footage to tell the story of a man reflecting on his death and life after a f...
Cement Mixer Wreck
Police direct traffic at the scene of an overturned cement mixer on Lamar Boulevard in Austin
Car Wreck 9-21-62
A car lies on its side in an empty field
Car Wreck, Mount Bonnell Road, Austin (1964)
Likely shot for an Austin-based television news affiliate, this footage shows the recovery of an automobi...
Austin Car Wreck Misc., no. 1
Footage of a collision in a residential neighborhood