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1900 - 1919 Back to Top
Promotional poster for bullfight in Juarez
Gran Corrida de Toros en Ciudad Juarez (1906)
Actuality of a great bullfight in the border city of Juarez.
Photo portrait of Hobart Bosworth
On the Border (1909)
On the Border, a short western set on the  border with the Rio Grande, was produced by Selig Polyscope Company, the company behind Hollywood's earliest westerns and responsible for introducing Tom Mix. 
Dir. Frank Boggs.  With Hobart Bosworth, Betty Harte, Tom Santschi.
Photograph of Presidents Diaz and Taft standing together
Entrevista de los Presidentes Diaz - Taft (1909)
This film shows the meeting of the presidents of Mexico and the United States: President Diaz and President Taft.  The meeting took place on October 16th and was the first time that a president from the United States met with a Mexican president.
Dir. Brüder Alva.
Promotional poster for Tom Mix film
A Romance of the Rio Grande (1911)
A western set on the Texas-Mexico border. The story revolves around a cowboy who rescues a father and daughter from attacking Indians.
This film stars Tom Mix who was one of the most famous and prolific cowboys of the silent era. In the years between 1911-1917, he was in over 100 films.  When the company that gave him his big break, Selig Polyscope Company, went out of business, in 1917 Tom joined Fox and became a huge success there as well.  He is credited for establishing the pattern that  Western films follow. In 1928 Tom left Fox and eventually joined the Ringling Bros. Circus with his horse Tony.
Dir. Colin Campbell.  With Tom Mix, Betty Harte.
Production still from the filming of The Immortal Alamo
The Immortal Alamo (1911)
Also known as 'Fall of the Alamo'. This film was made by Méliès Star Film Productions, based in Texas. It was filmed in Hot Wells and San Antonio, Texas and utilized cadets from the nearby Peacock Military Academy as soldier extras.  This film is presumed lost.
Star Film Productions in the United States was established in 1903.  It was a branch from Star Film created by George Méliès in Europe.  George created the US branch in order to stop the illegal copying of his films.  He put his brother Gaston in charge. The company not only distributed the films made in Europe but also locally produced films as well.
Dir. William F Haddock.  With Gaston Méliès, Francis Ford, Edith Storey.
Glamour photograph of actress Edith Storey
When the Tables Turned (1911)
This movie was filmed in San Antonio, Texas and was a Star Film production. According to the Internet Movie Database, "an incomplete copy of this film survives at the Library of Congress in the Dorothy M. Tayler collection listed as untitled western drama".
Dir. Georges Méliès.  With Francis Ford, Edith Storey, Ben Cooper. 
Still frame from film, showing a group of workers seated on the ground
Mexican Filibusters (1911)
Set in Texas, this film tells the story of a Mexican-American fruit worker called Pedro who falls in love with the wife of a colleague and becomes embroiled in a border smuggling plot. This film was produced by the Kalem Company, founded in 1907 by George Kleine, Samuel Long and Frank Marion.
Still frame from film showing a battle scene
Juarez After the Battle (1911)
Documentary about the battle in Juarez on the Texas-Mexico border.
Still frame from film showing street scene in Juarez
Los Acontecimientos de Ciudad Juarez (1911)
Documentary on the events of Juarez on the Texas-Mexico border.
Lubin-Films intertitle
Bravery of Dora (1912)
A western set on the Texas-Mexico border (near the Rio Grande).
With Edna Payne and Earl Metcalfe.
Still frame from film picturing a Mexican revolutionary on horseback
Life of Villa (1912)
Documentary about Pancho Villa, the Mexican revolutionary.  Some scenes were re-enacted due to the originals being too graphic for the studios liking.  This production also has D W Griffith credited as a Supervisor.
Dir. Christy Cabanne and Raoul Walsh.  With Pancho Villa, Don Luis Terrazas, Raoul Walsh.
The War Extra (1914)
This film is set in Eagle Pass, Texas, on the border with Mexico.
Dir. Harry Schenck.  With Vinnie Burns, Kenneth Harlon, Edgar De Paul.
Illustration of border between Texas and Mexico
Charlie Across the Rio Grande (1916)
A short animated comedy set on the Texas-Mexico border.  The film was produced by the Movca Film Service.
Photo portrait of Jack Pickford
Jack and Jill (1917)
A western set in El Paso, Texas.  The story centers around a man who kills another in a boxing ring.  He runs west where he finds a job as a ranch hand and uses his boxing skills to help rid the local community of some Mexican troublemakers. 
This film was directed by William D. Taylor who was to become a victim of an unsolved murder case just a few years later.
The film stars Jack Pickford who is the brother of the legendary silent film star Mary Pickford.  The director became successful by directing a number of Mary Pickford films along with others starring famous stars from Famous Players-Lasky
Dir. William D. Taylor.  With Jack Pickford, Jack Hoxie.
1920s Back to Top
Autographed glamor photo of Rosemary Theby
Rio Grande (1920)
A western set on the border of Texas and Mexico.  The director of the production, Edwin Carewe, was a native of Gainesville, Texas, and his brother was another film director of westerns, Wallace Fox.
Edwin Carewe started out as a stage actor before he was on the screen.  He went on to direct films for Metro and First National, and eventually started his own production company, Edwin Carewe Productions.  He made very successful silent productions, but with transition to talking pictures he did not have success.
Dir. Edwin Carewe.  With Rosemary Theby, Allan Sears, George Stone, Peaches Jackson.
Still frame from film showing Paramount logo
Along the Rio Grande (1921)
This documentary was part of the Paramount-Burton Holmes Travel Picture series.  Travelogues were an important form of advertising to tourists.  They also gave people a way to see parts of the world that they themselves could never visit.  Burton Holmes, along with James Fitzpatrick, were two of the most famous men involved in making travelogues.  Holmes was known for appearing live and giving presentations with the showing of his films.
Still frame from film
El Hombre sin Patria (1922)
Also known as 'Man Without a Country', this film was made in the cities of  El Paso and Juarez.  Rodolfo squanders his family money and therefore is forced to leave the family home in Mexico and cross into the United States to start again.

Miguel Contreras Torres stars and directs this film.  He was a prominent figure in Mexican Cinema in the 1920s.  Not only did he act and direct, but he was a producer and screenwriter.  He continued to work in film successfully through the late 50s.

Dir. Miguel Contreras Torres. With Carmen Bonifant and Enrique Cantalaúba

Production still picturing Harry Carey on horseback
The Kick Back (1922)
A western starring another famous cowboy hero, Harry Carey, as 'White Horse' Harry, a rancher whose devious neighbor accuses him of cattle rustling whilst he is visiting Mexico.  Harry is arrested in Mexico but manages to escape back to Texas where the Texas Rangers make sure that justice prevails.

Harry Carey got his start with Biograph and appeared in several of D.W. Griffith's early films.  He became very successful in westerns directed by John Ford and others.  His most well known character in his films with John Ford was Cheyenne Harry.  He not only acted in these pictures, but he also helped with the stories, scripts, producing and directing.  

Dir. Val Paul.  With Harry Carey, Henry B. Walthall, Mogninne Golden, Ethel Grey Terry.

Promotional film poster featuring Charles Chaplain
The Pilgrim (1923)
This comedy sees Chaplin playing an escaped convict who assumes the identity of a minister after stealing his clothes.  He heads to Devil's Gulch in Texas where he is welcomed by his new congregation who are expecting a new minister.  After a run in with an ex-cellmate the town catches on to his true identity, but he is spared arrest and instead taken to the Mexican border and set free.

The film was Chaplin's last under his First National contract.

Dir. Charles Chaplin.  With Charles Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Phyllis Allen, Henry Bergman, Edith Bostwick, Kitty Bradbury.

Photo portrait of Neal Heart in full cowboy get-up
Below the Rio Grande (1923)
This western was based on the story 'The Fighting Pedagogue' by H. A. Halbert Jr.  Neal Hart stars as King Calhoun, a Canadian mountie, who is wrongly accused of cattle rustling over the Mexican border.  He fights the charges with help from his fellow mounties, the Texas Rangers and the Mexican army. 

Dir. and starring Neal Hart.

Glamour shot of Jack Hoxie in western wear
Don Quickshot of the Rio Grande (1923)
A western that sees Jack Hoxie making his debut with Universal - a relationship that was to see Hoxie making another 35 with the company.  The story takes place on the Texas-Mexico border and revolves around 'Pep' Pepper, a cowboy whose constant fantasies of being Don Quixote get him into trouble.  After being accused of a murder he didn't commit he is able to prove himself as a hero after rescuing a woman from the real killer.

The director George Marshall got his start as an extra in Universal films in the 1912.  He then began writing and directing Westerns. After WWI he was eventually appointed head of Fox's production of shorts.  He then moved on to this job at Pathé.  He also found a talent in writing and directing comedy, and he went on to work with classic comedians like Laurel and Hardy, W.C. Fields, Bob Hope, and Martin and Lewis.

Dir. George Marshall.  With Jack Hoxie, Elinor Field, William A. Steele, Harry Woods.

Glamour photo of Bessie Love
Sundown (1924)
Set on the Texas-Mexico border, this film tells the story of a cattleman and his son who, after a trip back east, are returning to Texas to move across the border.  On the train they meet Ellen, who is from a family of homesteaders that are forcing the cattlemen to leave.  Once they are back in Texas Ellen's family home is destroyed by reckless cattle.  She joins the cattlemen on their journey to the Mexican border.

Bessie Love was born in Midland, Texas as Juanita Horton and changed her name under D. W. Griffith's advice to Bessie Love.  She appeared in D.W. Griffith's films The Birth of a Nation as an unverified extra and as the Bride of Cana in the Judean episode of  Intolerance. Bessie's career consisted of highs and lows because directors had a hard time deciding what to cast her as.  Her most notable comeback was in the musical The Broadway Melody in 1929 which earned her an Oscar nomination.

Dir. Lawrence Trimbler & Harry O. Hoyt.  With Hobart Bosworth, Bessie Love, Roy Stewart, Charlie Murray.

Still image of cowboys
Hurricane Hal (1925)
A cowboy, Buck Anderson, manages to stop a devious rancher from stealing the payroll money.

Jack Meehan was the name that silent star Jack Mower chose to use for this and several other films he starred in at the time.

The director, John P. McCarthy appeared as a Prison Guard in D.W. Griffith's 1916 film Intolerance.

Dir. John P McCarthy. With Jack Meehan.

Promotional poster for Wings, featuring Clara Bow
Wings (1927)
Wings was filmed around San Antonio and Bexar County in Texas.  The Movie Locations book by Tony Reeves states that 'the flying sequences, [were] filmed at Carey Air Field in San Antonio, Texas. A 100 ft tower was built to house the camera for some of the shots.' 

The story revolves around two friends who fall in love with the same girl. When the United States enters WWI, both the men join the Air Corps. Although they remain friends their relationship is strained by their feelings for the girl.

This film was the very first picture to win the Academy Award in the Best Picture Category.  The director William A. Wellman  drew from his experiences in WWI to create the spectacular air sequences and stunts. 

Dir. William A. Wellman. With Clara Bow, Charles 'Buddy' Rogers, Richard Arlen, Gary Cooper, and Jobyna Ralston.

Promotional poster for The Rough Riders
The Rough Riders (1927)
Also known as The Trumpet Calls, this movie was filmed around San Antonio and Camp Bullis, Texas. The story is based around a military unit organized by Theodore Roosevelt and their adventures in Cuba during the Spanish-American War of 1898.

The director, Victor Fleming, got his start in the movies in 1910 as an assistant cameraman.  He also worked under D.W. Griffith and on several Douglas Fairbanks pictures.  He is most well known for his direction of the beloved 1939 classic, The Wizard of Oz.  He is also listed as one of the directors for Gone with the Wind and even took home an Academy Award for his work on the project.

Dir. Victor Fleming.  With Mary Astor, George Bancroft, Noah Beery, Charles Farrell.

Branded Man (1928)
A melodrama set in Ciudad Juarez on the border.  June Marlowe plays a dutiful sister who is continually bailing her brother out of difficult situations caused by his troublesome wife.

June Marlowe is best known as Ms. Crabtree in Our Gang and later The Little Rascals from 1930-1932.  She also appeared as the leading lady in a few Rin Tin Tin films.

Dir. Scott Pembroke.  With Charles Deloney, June Marlowe.

Poster image of Bebe Daniels
Rio Rita (1929)
A comedy musical that was adapted from the popular Ziegfeld show.  Captain James Steward pursues a bandit called 'the kinkajou' over the Mexican border and falls in love with Rita.

Luther Reed wrote scripts for William Randolph Hearst's company Cosmopolitan Pictures and even scripted a few Marion Davies' pictures.

Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey originated their roles in Ziegfeld's Broadway production.

Dir. Luther Reed.  With Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey, Bebe Daniels, John Boles, Dorothy Lee.

Still image picturing street scene in Juarez
Rebellion Escobarista (1929)
The capture of Ciudad Juarez over the Spring of 1929.
Poster advertizing Bob Custer Westerns
Riders of the Rio Grande (1929)
This musical western is set on the Texas-Mexico border.  The story revolves around a gang that is holding an engraver hostage, so that he can produce counterfeit goods.  One of the gang also kidnaps a local girl, but she is then rescued by our cowboy hero in the shape of Bob Custer.

Dir. J. P. McGowan. With Bob Custer, Edna Aslin, H. B. Carpenter.

1930s Back to Top
Lobby card for Under a Texas Moon
Under a Texas Moon (1930)
Originally released in Technicolor, this western was set on the Texas-Mexico border.  Frank Fay plays a caballero who steps up to track down a bad man for a $7,000 reward.  However, his talents lie more in romancing senoritas than tracking down bandits.

Michael Curtiz is best known for his direction of the classic film Casablanca for which he won the Academy Award for Best Director.

Dir. Michael Curtiz.  With Frank Fay, Raquel Torres, Myrna Loy, Armida, Fred Kohler.

Movie still featuring Bob Steele
The Land of Missing Men (1930)
Also known as 'The Port of Missing Men' this western was set on the Texas-Mexico border.  The story is based around a cowboy who is wrongly accused of terrorizing a town.  He has to prove his innocence by finding the real perpetrator.  This film is famous for a chilling scene where the cowboy and his friend come across a saloon full of dead bodies.

Also of note is the appearance of Emilio Fernandez who went on to become a famous director in Mexico.

Bob Steele is most notably known for his role as Curly in Of Mice and Men and in the 1960s comedy series, F Troop.

Dir. Trem Carr, J. P. McCarthy.  With Bob Steele, Al Jennings, Caryl Lincoln, Al St John, Emilio Fernandez.

Promotional still image of Eastman Teaching film picturing a teacher showing a film to a class
The Rio Grande (1930)
An educational documentary about the Rio Grande river.  Made by Eastman Teaching films.
Autographed glamour still of Myrna Loy
Rogue of the Rio Grande (1930)
A musical western set on the Texas-Mexico border.  A senorita spends her days in the local saloon with a man who poses as a Mexican bandit in order to fleece the customers.  The movie tagline states: ' A Stirring Comedy Drama of Love and Conflict in the Bad Lands!'

Dir. Spencer Gordon Bennet.  With Myrna Loy, Jose Bohr, Carmelita Geraghty, Raymond Hatton, Walter Miller.

Promotional poster for Lasca of the Rio Grande
Lasca of the Rio Grande (1931)
A story about a Texas Ranger who falls in love with a dance hall girl while he is facing murder charges

The director, Edward Laemmle, is the nephew of Carl Laemmle, the founder of Universal Studios.

Dir. Edward Laemmle.  With Leo Carillo, Dorothy Burgess, Johnny Mack Brown.

Promotional poster for Viva Villa picturing illustration of Wallace Beery
Viva Villa! (1934)
A fictional biography of Pancho Villa, the Mexican revolutionary General.

The film stars Fay Wray, best known for her starring role in the 1933 version of King Kong.

Dir. Howard Hawks, Jack Conway, Carlos Navarro, Matias Santovo.  With Wallace Beery, Leo Carillo.

Publicity poster for Jack Perrin
Texas Jack (1935)
This western was set on the Texas-Mexico border, more specifically around the border town of La Hunta.  Jack Perrin plays a cowboy who is tracking down the man responsible for the death of his sister two years ago.  She was enticed across the border by a man who offered the promise of a school teaching job but instead imprisons women to work in his dance hall.

Dir. Bernard B Ray.  With Jack Perrin, Jayne Regan, Nelson McDowell, Robert Walker, Lew Meehan.

Promotional poster for Heroes of the Alamo
Heroes of the Alamo (1937)
The story of the Texan fight for independence against the Mexican dictator Santa Ana, and the legendary last stand at the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas.  One of the taglines reads: 'A Spectacular Epic of the Birth of Texas.'

Dir. Harry Fraser.  With Lane Chandler, Earle Hodgins, Roger Williams, Rex Lease, Bruce Warren.

Publicity still photo of Johnny Mack Brown, donning cowboy gear on horseback
The Gambling Terror (1937)
A western set on the Texas-Mexico border.  A man arrives in town and opens a gambling place but has to fight against a local gang in order to keep it in business.

Dir. Sam Newfield.  With Johnny Mack Brown, Iris Meredith, Charles King, Dick Curtis, Ted Adams, Horace Murphy, Earl Dwire, Frank Ball.

Publicity still frame featuring cast of Border Cafe
Border Cafe (1937)
A senator's son leaves the east coast and heads to the Texas-Mexico border where he is meant to buy a ranch.  After losing all of his money he is befriended by Tex who helps him see the error of his ways, and they both set off to rescue his father and girlfriend who have been kidnapped by bandits.

Dir. Lew Landers.  With Harry Carey, John Beal, Armida, George Irving, Leona Roberts.

Promotional poster for Border G-Man
Border G-Man (1938)
A film set on the Texas-Mexico border.  A government agent is sent to investigate a corrupt business man who is violating a law known as The Neutrality Act.

Dir. David Howard.  With George O'Brien, Laraine Day, Ray Whitley, John Miljan, Rita La Roy.

Still frame from opening credits of film
My Little Buckaroo (1938)
An animated short that is set in the border town of Boiled Beef, Texas in 1872. 

Dir. Friz Freleng.

Close up still frame of Tito Guizar
The Llano Kid (1939)
On the Texas-Mexico border in the 19th century a romantic highwayman called the llano kid is busy robbing stage coaches.  The one person who can identify him persuades him to join her in an attempt to fraudulently obtain an inheritence.

Dir. Edward D Venturini.  With Tito Guizar, Gale Sondergaard, Alan Mowbray, Jan Clayton, Emma Dunn.

Promotional poster for Man of Conquest
Man of Conquest (1939)
A western biography of Sam Houston.

Dir. George Nicholls.  With Richard Dix, Gail Patrick, Edward Ellis, Joan Fontaine, Ralph Morgan.

Publicity photo for Cuando Canta La Ley
Cuando Canta La Ley (1939)
Also known as 'El Rancho del Pinar' and 'The Singing Charro', this western was set on the border of Texas and Mexico.  Starring Tito Guizar as a secret agent from Mexico, he poses as a cowboy in order to get work on a ranch and find out more about a man dating the owner.

Dir. Richard Harlan.  With Tito Guizar, Tana, Martin Garralaga, Pilar Arcos, Jose Luis Tortosa.

1940s Back to Top
Promotional poster for Rhythm of the Rio Grande
Rhythm of the Rio Grande (1940)
A western set on the border.  Tex is in search of a friend who has disappeared.  After meeting the local bandit and realizing that he is not responsible for all that he is accused, they join forces to expose the real criminal.  A tagline for the movie reads: 'Watch out for the Gringo! Tex shoots it out with Mexican Brigands in the border badlands!'

Dir. Al Herman.  With Tex Ritter, White Flash, Suzan Dale, Warner P Richmond, Martin Garralaga.

Photo portrait of Tim Holt in western wear
Along the Rio Grande (1941)
This border western sees three friends thrown into jail after trying to help their boss out.  Whilst they are imprisoned he is murdered so they break out of jail and join the gang responsible across the border.  The friends try to lure the bandits back across the border to face arrest.

Dir: Edward Killy.  With Tim Holt, Ray Whitley, Betty Jane Rhodes, Emmett Lynn, Robert Fiske.

Promotional poster for Heart of the Rio Grande
Heart of the Rio Grande (1942)
Also known as 'Deep in the Heart of Texas' this musical western was set on the Texas-Mexico border.  Two kind-hearted cowboys help an inexperienced lady run a cattle ranch.  One tagline reads: 'A Stampede Of Action And Song!'
Dir. William Morgan.  With Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, Fay McKenzie, Edith Fellows, Pierre Watkin.
Promotional poster for Rio Rita
Rio Rita (1942)
A comedy musical set in Texas starring Abbott and Costello as Doc and Wishey.  They run into Nazi agents on the border who want to smuggle bombs into the states from a Mexican border hotel.

Dir. S. Sylvan Simon.  With Bud Abbott, Lou Costello.

Film still of Charles Starrett
Down Rio Grande Way (1942)
A western set on the Texas-Mexico border.  The story concerns a Congress decision about whether to declare Texas a state.  Certain parties do not want this to happen and so employ a gang to cause unrest in the area.

Dir. William Berke.  With Charles Starrett, Russell Hayden, Britt Wood, Rose Anne Stevens, Norman Willis.

Promotional poster featuring William Boyd on horseback
Border Patrol (1943)
This movie is set in Silver Bullet, Texas and sees three Texas Rangers trying to stop a smuggling operation from Mexico to the United States. George Reeves (Superman) stars as a Mexican, Duncan Ronaldo (the Cisco Kid) plays a Mexican commandant, Robert Mitchum makes his debut as a bandit.

Dir. Lesley Selander.  With William Boyd, George Reeves, Robert Mitchum.

Cruel Destino (1944)
Also known as 'Allá en la Frontera' and 'El Bandida de la Frontera'.

Dir. Juan Orol.  With María Antonieta Pons, Jorge Arriaga, Carolina Barret.

Promotional poster for San Antonio
San Antonio (1945)
A western set in Texas in 1877.  Errol Flynn plays a reformed cattle rustler who goes in search of the men who attacked his ranch.  The final scenes of this movie take place at the Alamo.

Dir. David Butler.  With Errol Flynn, Alexis Smith.

Promotional poster featuring close up of Sunset Carson
Rio Grande Raiders (1946)
This western tells the story of two brothers, both stagecoach drivers, but one works for a corrupt outfit.  Set on the Texas-Mexico border, one brother tries to save the other from a life of crime.

Dir. Thomas Carr.  With Sunset Carson, Roy Bucko, Fred Burns, Blackie Whiteford, Bob Steele, Jack O'Shea, Tom London.

Still frame from film featuring close up of Anthony Quinn
Black Gold (1947)
An unusual western set on the border of Texas and Mexico.  A chinese boy is adopted by an Indian family that live on a farm.  He has a difficult time at school because of his race and family.  However, things take a surprising turn when the family strike oil and become rich almost overnight.  Prejudice is still rife though as the family enters into high society.

Dir. Phil Carson.  With Anthony Quinn, Katherine DeMille.

Still frame of Red River Dave and his band
Hidden Valley Days (1948)
A musical western that was the first of three to be made by William Forest Crouch.  Red River Dave and his musical band take some time off in order to help a friend with some cattle herding and to capture some bank robbers.

Dir. William Forest Crouch.  With Red River Dave, Peggy Perron, Kenne Duncan.

Promotional poster for South of Saint Louis
South of Saint Louis (1949)
This western was set on the border with parts filmed in Brownsville, Texas at the end of the Civil War.  The story concerns three friends whose ranch is attacked by Union soldiers leading them to flee and take separate paths.  They regroup eventually in order to win back their ranch.

Dir. Ray Enright.  With Joel McCrea, Alexis Smith, Zachary Scott, Dorothy Malone

Autographed publicity photo of Jimmy Wakely
Across the Rio Grande (1949)
A western set on the Texas-Mexico border that sees a man searching for the killer of his father.  He becomes a target for outlaws and discovers a border smuggling plot along the way.  Some taglines for the movie read: "Hot on the trail of Border Runners!", "The fighting cowboy song sensation.. blasting border men!"

Dir. Oliver Drake.  With Jimmy Wakely, Dub Taylor, Reno Browne, Riley Hill, Dennis Moore, Kenne Duncan, Ted Adams.

Promotional poster for Streets of Laredo
Streets of Laredo (1949)
This western, set in 1878 Laredo, Texas was a remake of King Vidor's 1936 production, 'The Texas Rangers'.  The story involves three outlaws whose friendship is tested as they take different paths in life.

Dir. Leslie Fenton.  With William Holden, Alfonso Bedoya, William Benidix, Macdonald Carey, Mona Freeman.

Still frame from film
El Paso (1949)
El Paso is a movie about an ex-Confederate officer who is sent on a mission by his father, a judge, to Texas to obtain a signature.  This gives him the opportunity to look up an old flame in El Paso.

Dir. Lewis R Foster.  With John Payne, Gail Russell.

1950s Back to Top
Still frame showing title in opening credits
Rio Grande (1950)

Rio Grande takes place after the Civil War.  An officer is training recruits down on the Rio Grande and discovers that one is his own son.  He trains him to fight the Apaches but faces tough choices when the time for battle arrives.

Dir. John Ford.  With John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Ben Johnson, Claude Jarman Jr., Harry Carey Jr.
Still frame from film
Viva Zapata! (1951)
This historical revolutionary drama documents the life of Emilio Zapata, the Mexican revolutionary.  It was filmed in Rio Grande City, Texas.

Dir. Elia Kazan & John Steinbeck.  With Marlon Brando, Jean Peters, Anthony Quinn, Joseph Wiseman.

Promotional poster for The Kid from Amarillo
The Kid From Amarillo (1951)
Still frame from film
Border Fence (1951)
Also known as 'Cactus Barrier', it was filmed in the San Antonio area by H. W. Kier's regional Gulf Coast Productions.  It was one of the only films of its kind that managed to be shown outside of the normal territory of Texas and the southeastern states of the US.
Dir. Norman Sheldo & H W Kier.  With Walt Wayne, Lee Morgan, Mary Nord, Steve Raines, Henry Garcia.
Photograph of Big Bend
Last of the Wild West (1951)
Documentary on Big Bend National Park in Texas.
Dir. Jay Bonafield.
Lobby card for The Fighter
The Fighter (1952)
This boxing movie was set partly in El Paso and Mexico.  A young boxer uses his prize winnings to buy guns so that he can avenge his family's murder.
Dir. Herbert Kline.  With Richard Conte, Lee J. Cobb, Vanessa Brown, Frank Silvera.
Promotional poster for Rancho Notorious
Rancho Notorious (1952)
A border western set on the Mexico-United States line.  Marlene Dietrich runs a place that is refuge for outlaws and bandits. Although it may not be Texas specifically, it is a border classic based on the story 'Gunsight Whitman' by Silvia Richards.
Dir. Fritz Lang.  With Marlene Dietrich, Arthur Kennedy, Mel Ferrer, Gloria Henry.
Promotional poster for The Man from the Alamo
The Man from the Alamo (1953)
This western explores the story of the man who left the Alamo before the end.  The tagline reads: "Out of Texas' Bravest Hour...Came the man they called the Coward".
Dir. Budd Boetticher.  With Glenn Ford, Julia Adams.
Still frame from film picturing a line of troops marching
Take the High Ground (1953)
A film recorded in El Paso and Fort Bliss, Texas.   The story concerns Sgt. Thorne Ryan, a Korean war veteran,  who moves to Texas to teach Privates. His reputation for being a hard, cold man comes into question through his time with the new recruits.
Dir. Richard Brooks.  With Richard Widmark, Karl Malden, Elaine Stewart.
Promotional poster for Border River
Border River (1954)
A movie shot in Technicolor and set around the Rio Grande in Texas.  A Union officer tries to stop the opposing side from obtaining arms from Mexico.
Dir. George Sherman.  With Joel McCrea, Yvonne De Carlo.
Promotional poster for Espaldas Mojadas
Espaldas Mojadas (1955)
This film was set on the Texas-Mexico border and tells the story of Rafael Amendola, a Mexican worker who is on the run.  He tries, with the help of a friend, to cross the border and make a new start. 
Dir. Alejandro Galindo.  With David Silva, Victor Parra.
Promotional poster for Giant
Giant (1956)
This famous melodrama was filmed in Marfa, Texas with many references to Mexico.  As Tony Reeves' book of Movie Locations states; 'The studio filming, on what turned out to be James Dean's last movie, was at Warners' Burbank studio, but the Texas landscapes were filmed at Marfa, a tiny town out on Route 90 in the West Texas desert between El Paso and Del Rio. Here the Reata ranch house set stood, until most of it finally crumbled away in the eighties. The ruins stand on the Ryan Ranch, west of Marfa. The land is private property, but the scaffold skeleton can be seen on the left from I-90, on the road toward Valentine. Little Reata can also be seen a few miles west of Marfa, on the right of I-90 - look for the windmill. Robert Altman's film 'Come Back to the 5 & Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean' featured a group of Deanophiles in the (fictitious) nearby town of McCarthy who collect bits of the old set, and in 'Fandango' Kevin Costner and chums visit its crumbling remains.'
Dir. George Stevens.  With Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean, Rock Hudson.
Promotional poster for The Restless Breed
The Restless Breed (1957)
A western on the Texas-Mexico border in a town called Mission.  A man seeks revenge for the death of his father by the hands of a gang.  A tagline for the movie reads: 'Flaming out of the Blazing Heart of Texas!'
Dir. Allan Dwan.  With Anne Bancroft, Scott Brady, Jay C Flippen, Jim Davis,
Rhys Williams.
Promotional poster for Rio Bravo
Rio Bravo (1959)
This western was set in the Southwest of Texas.  A sheriff in a small town enlists the help of three unlikely candidates; a drunk, a cripple and a young shooter, in order to keep outlaws at bay.
Dir. Howard Hawks.  With John Wayne, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson, Angie Dickenson, Walter Brennan.
Soundtrack cover image picturing production still of Julie London and Robert Mitchum
The Wonderful Country (1959)
This movie tells the story of a man who has fled across the border to Mexico years ago, for killing his father's murderer.  He finds himself back in Texas for work purposes and becomes torn as to where his future lies.
Dir. Robert Parrish.  With Robert Mitchum, Julie London, Gary Merrill.
1960s Back to Top
Promotional poster for The Alamo picturing large battlefield
The Alamo (1960)
The famous true story of the men who defended Texas against Santa Ana and the Mexican Army from the Alamo.  The tagline states:  'The Mission that became a fortress, the fortress that became a shrine'.
Dir. John Wayne.  With John Wayne, Richard Widmark, Laurence Harvey, Frankie Avalon.
Promotional poster for The Last Sunset
The Last Sunset (1961)
This western charts a cattle drive from Mexico to Texas with various characters who all have their own motivations for wanting to cross the border.
Dir. Robert Aldrich.  With Rock Hudson, Kirk Douglas, Dorothy Malone.
Lobby card for Two Rode Together
Two Rode Together (1961)
A movie that was filmed in Brackettville, Texas. The US Army is sent in to rescue some victims of the Comanches.
Dir. John Ford.  With James Stewart, Richard Widmark.
Promotional poster picturing Rene Munoz in priest vestments
Bienvenido, Padre Murray (1962)
This western was actually filmed in Spain but set in a Texas-Mexico border town.  The movie follows the life of a black priest, Father Murray.
Dir. Ramon Torrado.  With Rene Munoz.
Promotional poster for Duello Nel Texas
Duello Nel Texas (1963)
Another western that was filmed in Spain but set on the Texas border.  Claimed to be one of the first spaghetti westerns, it also includes a title song called 'A Gringo Like Me'.  The story revolves around a former servant who avenges the killing of the family that he worked for on the border.
Dir. Ricardo Blasco.  With Richard Harrison, Giacomo Rossi Stuart, Mikaela, Telly Thomas, Daniel Martin.
Promotional poster for The Professionals
The Professionals (1965)
A wealthy Texan hires four men to rescue his wife from kidnappers in Mexico.  Two of the men are familiar with the kidnapper but are shocked by what they find on the other side of the border.
Dir. Richard Brooks.  With Burt Lancaster, Lee Marvin, Robert Ryan, Jack Palance.
Promotional poster for The Sons of Katie Elder
The Sons of Katie Elder (1965)
This western was filmed partly in the North of Mexico and partly in the Sierra Nevadas but was set entirely in Clearwater, Texas. The Elder sons return to their hometown for their mother's funeral and fight to avenge their father's murder and the loss of their family home.  Apparently John Wayne had to wear an oxygen mask to breathe between scenes that were shot at the Sierra Nevadas.
Dir. Henry Hathaway.  With John Wayne, Dean Martin, Martha Hyer, Michael Anderson Jr., Earl Holliman, Jeremy Slate.
Promotional still of Guy Madison tipping his hat with his gun
I Cinque Della Vendetta (1966)
A western filmed in Spain but set in Texas, near the border with Mexico. A couple of cowboys try to find out who murdered their friend.
Dir. Aldo Florio.  With Guy Madison, Monica Randall, Mariano Vidal Molina
Promotional poster for Manos, The Hands of Fate
Manos, The Hands of Fate (1966)
A story about a lost family, happening upon a secret devil worshipping cult, led by The Master.
This production was filmed entirely in El Paso, Texas. The movie was given a gala premiere in El Paso upon its release, and apparently many of the cast and crew left before the end as the audience reception was so bad.
Directed, Written and Produced by Harold P. Warren, a fertilizer salesman from El Paso.
With Tom Neyman, John Reynolds.
Promotional poster for El Dorado
El Dorado (1966)
This western was set on the Texas-Mexico border.  The story revolves around two old friends who team up to help a family fight a villianous rancher who is stealing their water.
Dir. Howard Hawks.  With John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, James Caan, Charlene Holt, Paul Fix.
Promotional poster for In Cold Blood
In Cold Blood (1967)
Adapted from Truman Capote's book of the same name this movie follows the killers flight from the scene of the murder across Kansas but also through Texas and Mexico.
Dir. Richard Brooks.  With Robert Blake, Scott Wilson, John Forsythe.
Promotional poster for Tiger by the Tail
Tiger by the Tail (1968)
A melodrama about a Vietnam veteran in Juarez.   One tagline reads: 'They tried to frame him for robbery and murder, but they had a ... Tiger By The Tail.'
Dir. R G Springsteen.  With Christopher George, Tippi Hedren, Dean Jagger, Charo, Glenda Farrell.
Glamour portrait of Lucha Villa
El Pocho (1969)
This production was filmed in Ciudad Juarez and El Paso.
Dir. Eulalio González.  With Lucha Villa.
Promotional poster for Viva Max!
Viva Max! (1969)
A Mexican General takes his troops over the border into Texas to reclaim the Alamo.  Although they are unarmed the Texas National Guard are also sent in free of ammunition so the sides are equal.
Dir. Jerry Paris.  With Peter Ustinov, Pamela Tiffin, Jonathan Winters.
1970s Back to Top
Promotional poster for Rio Lobo
Rio Lobo (1970)
In the Texas border town of Rio Lobo an ex-Union officer and his friends search for a traitor who sold them wrong information during the Civil War.
Dir. Howard Hawks.  With John Wayne, Jorge Rivero.
Promotional poster for The Deserter
The Deserter (1971)
Also known as 'La Spina dorsale del Diavolo'.  A spaghetti-western filmed in Spain but set on the Texas-Mexico border.  A man whose wife has died leaves the army as he feels they are to blame.  He heads to the southwest and becomes involved in a plan to take out the Apaches.
Dir. Niksa Fulgosi and Burt Kennedy.  With Bekim Fehmiu, John Huston, Chuck Connors, Slim Pickens.
Promotional poster for The Getaway
The Getaway (1972)
The Getaway was filmed on location in San Antonio and El Paso.   As described in The Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations; 'A crooked deal gets Steve McQueen released from Huntsville State Penitentiary, Highway 190, about 60 miles north of Houston, to pull a bank job. He goes on the run with partner Ali McGraw to San Marcos, northeast of San Antonio; San Antonio itself, on River Walk, and finally to El Paso, with a climatic shootout at the old Laughlin Hotel, before the couple ride off to Mexico. Shortly after filming the Laughlin was demolished to make room for the Sheraton. The 1994 remake, with Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, relocated the action to Phoenix and Prescott, Arizona.'
Dir. Sam Peckinpah.  With Steve McQueen, Ali McGraw.
DVD cover image of The Sugarland Express, featuring close up of Goldie Hawn
The Sugarland Express  (1974)
One of the taglines to this movie reads: "The true story of a girl who took on all of Texas and "almost won". It was shot in Del Rio, Texas on the border with Mexico.  As the Movie Locations book describes; 'The movie opens at Rosenberg, on I-59, 30 miles southwest of Houston and about 20 miles west of the real Sugarland. The fugitves stop for gas at Humble, I-59, just north of Houston. As the media circus surrounding their flight begins to grow, they call in at San Antonio, at Pleasanton, 30 miles south, where sheriff Ben Johnson has second thoughts about using snipers to pick the couple off, and at nearby Floresville ending up over in West Texas near the Mexico border, at Del Rio. Johnson finally resorts to the ultimate deterrent and the chase grinds to a halt in the Rio Grande.'
Dir. Steven Spielberg.  With Goldie Hawn, Ben Johnson, Michael Sacks.
A very very tiny image of what looks like the VHS cover for Deportados
Deportados (1975)
This movie was shot in Texas at Weslaco, McAllen and Mercedes.
Dir. Arturo Martinez.  With Julio Aleman, Norma Lazareno.
Promotional poster for Me Caiste del Cielo
Me Caiste del Cielo (1975)
Also known as 'Alma Chicana' (Soul woman) this was filmed in Hidalgo and Weslaco, Texas and in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.
Dir. Federico Curiel.  With Cornelio Reyna, Lola Beltran.
Promotional poster for HAWMPS?
Hawmps? (1976)
Although possibly not set on the Texas-Mexican border, it is still an interesting historical document. When a cavalry outpost in the Wild West of 19th Century is in need of horses the captain hears that they are getting replacements - camels.
Dir. Joe Camp.  With James Hampton, Christopher Connelly, Slim Pickens.
Promotional poster for A Small Town in Texas
A Small Town in Texas (1976)
A crooked sheriff in a small Texas town frames an ex-convict in a drug bust and also steals his girlfriend in the process.
Dir. Jack Starrett.  With Timothy Bottoms, Susan George, Bo Hopkins.
Promotional poster for Alambrista!
Alambrista! (1977)
Also known as 'The Illegal,' this film is set on the US-Mexico border.  A young Mexican man crosses the border into the US after his child is born.  He hopes to get work to support his family but things are not quite what he expected.
Dir. Robert M Young.  With Domingo Ambriz, Trinidad Silva, Linda Gillin.
Promotional poster for The Bad News Bears...
The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training (1977)
This sequel was filmed partly in El Paso. One tagline describes all: 'They've fired their coach. They've "borrowed" a van. They're on their way to the Houston Astrodome...with girls on their minds, cops on their tails, and the game of their lives at stake.'
Dir. Michael Pressman.  With William Devane, Clifton James.
Promotional poster for Big Wednesday
Big Wednesday (1978)
A surfing movie that was shot in El Paso, Texas and Malibu, California, it charts the lives of some California surfers from the early '60s to the '70s.
Dir. John Milius.  With Jan Michael Vincent, William Katt, Gary Busey.
Promotional poster for Goin' South, featuring a crazed Jack Nicholson framed by a noose
Goin' South (1978)
Set in Texas and Mexico, this movie follows a man who is caught trying to escape the death penalty by crossing the border.  He is taken to a town where a law exists saving him from the gallows if he is to marry.  A local woman is in need of a man to help with her business so the marriage of convenience is performed.
Dir. and starring Jack Nicholson.  With Mary Steenburgen, Christopher Lloyd, John Belushi.
Still frame from film picturing a gun man hiding behind a car
357 Magnum (1979)
A Mexican production shot in Brownsville, Texas. During a police operation a group of agents in a unit called '357 magnum' trap some criminals and seize merchandise. In retaliation one of the agents and his family are killed. His friends seek revenge.
Dir. Ruben Galindo.  With Mario Almada, Fernando Almada, Ursula Prats.
Promotional poster for She Came to the Valley
She Came to the Valley (1979)
This description was taken from 'Oscar nominated singer and actress Ronee Blakley stars in this western as Willie, a strong willed pioneer woman who settles near the Texas-Mexico border during the time of the Mexican revolution. There, she, her husband Pat (Dean Stockwell), and their two little girls becomes involved in a tense political battle between Pancho Villa himself and Mexican soldiers who disguise themselves as bandits and invade the family's new hometown.
Dir. Albert Band.  With Ronee Blakeley, Dean Stockwell, Scott Glenn.
Promotional poster for Beneath the Valley of the Ultravixens
Beneath the Valley of the Ultravixens (1979)
Pornographic melodrama set in Del Rio, Texas, on the Mexican border.
Dir. Russ Meyer.  With Francesca Natividad
1980s Back to Top
Promotional poster for Honeysuckle Rose
Honeysuckle Rose (1980)
This movie was shot in Austin and Padre Island National Seashore, Texas.   A story about a group of musicians and their relationships that almost tear the group apart.
Dir. Jerry Schatzberg.  With Willie Nelson, Dyan Cannon, Amy Irving, Slim Pickens.
Cover image for Back Roads DVD picturing Sally Field and Tommy Lee Jones
Back Roads (1981)
A prostitute and a drifter find themselves bound together as they make their way through the rural South, doing what they have to do to survive. This was partly shot in Brownsville, Texas.
Dir. Martin Ritt.  With Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones, David Keith.
Promotional poster for Las Braceras
Las Braceras (1981)
Two young sisters cross the border illegally searching for their father. One of the girls is raped by the border officers and the other seeks revenge. This was filmed in Brownsville, Texas and Mexico and also played at the South by Southwest festival in 2005.
Dir. Fernando Duran.  With Lyn May, Maritza Olivares.
Photograph of rough terrain at the U.S. / Mexico border
Gatilleros del Rio Bravo (1981)
Also known as 'Gunmen of the Rio Grande'.  In 1946 a family is attacked as they try to cross the border into the US. The children survive but are left to grow up separately. One becomes a member of a trafficking gang, the other an anti-drug policeman.
Dir. Pedro Galindo III.  With Mario Almada, Fernando Almada.
Promotional poster for Barbarosa picturing Willie Nelson aiming a gun at you
Barbarosa (1982)
This movie was shot at Alamo Village, Brackettville, Texas and Big Bend National Park.  A young cowboy joins forces with an experienced outlaw and they are soon on the run together.
Dir. Fred Schepisi.  With Willie Nelson, Gary Busey, Isela Vega.
Still frame showing title in opening credits
The Border (1982)
A border agent involved in drug smuggling decides to clean up his act when an impoverished woman's baby is put up for sale on the black market. One tagline reads: 'It divided the land. It divided the man.'
Dir. Tony Richardson.  With Jack Nicholson, Harvey Keitel, Valerie Perrine.
Promotional poster for El Muro de la Tortilla
El Muro de la Tortilla (1982)
Also known as 'The Tortilla Curtain' this film covers the problems that face Mexican men and women who cross the border into the U.S. under the illusion that their lives will improve.
Dir. Alfredo B Crevenna.  With Raúl Ramirez, Rosenda Bernal.
Promotional poste for Contrabando Humano
Contrabando Humano (1982)
A thriller that explores the problems that Mexican workers have to legally enter the US.
Dir. Luis Urquieta Jos.  With Mario Almada, Fernando Almada.
Promotional poster for Lone Wolf McQuade
Lone Wolf McQuade (1983)
Shot in El Paso, Texas, this movie follows a Texas Ranger who wages war against a drug dealer.
Dir. Steve Carver.  With David Carradine, Chuck Norris, Barbara Carrera, Robert Beltran.
Promotional poster for Fandango
Fandango (1984)
Set in 1971 at UT Austin, Texas. A group of college friends head to the Mexican border for some adventure after graduation.
Dir. Kevin Reynolds.  With Kevin Costner, Judd Nelson, Sam Robards, Chuck Bush, Suzy Amis.
Promotional poster for Flashpoint
Flashpoint (1984)
Two Texas border guards find a jeep buried in the desert, with a skeleton inside.
Dir. William Tannen.  With Kris Kristofferson, Treat Williams, Rip Torn.
Promotional poster for Paris, Texas
Paris, Texas (1984)
This was filmed all over Texas including El Paso and Big Bend National Park specifically. The plot concerns a man who wanders out of the desert not knowing who he is.
Dir. Wim Wenders.  With Harry Dean Stanton, Nastassja Kinski, Dean Stockwell.
Promotional poster for Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
Pee Wee's Big Adventure (1985)
Pee-Wee's bicycle is his prized possession, so when it is stolen he takes off across the country to retrieve it.  He is led to believe that the bike is in the basement of the Alamo and so he heads to Texas.
Dir. Tim Burton.  With Paul Ruebens, Elizabeth Daily.
Promotional poster for Extreme Prejudice
Extreme Prejudice (1987)
Childhood friends grow up to be arch enemies as one becomes a Texas Ranger and the other a narcotics dealer.  This movie was set in El Paso.
Dir. Walter Hill.  With Nick Nolte, Powers Boothe, Michael Ironside.
Promotional poster for Leningrad Cowboys Go America
Leningrad Cowboys Go America (1989)
Primarily shot in Del Rio and San Antonio, Texas, The Leningrad Cowboys, a group of Finnish musicians, and their manager, travel to America seeking fame and fortune.
Dir. Aki Kaurismaki.  With Matti Pellonpaa, Kari Vaananen.
1990s Back to Top
Image of Mexican license plate from Nuevo Leon
Misión Sangrienta (1990)
Also known as 'Bloody Mission' this film was made in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. An accountant who works for drug traffickers is lured to the other side and turns informant for the U.S. government.
Dir. Fernando Duren Rojas.  With Fernando Almada, Patricia Rivera.
Promotional poster for El Mariachi
El Mariachi (1992)
El Mariachi was filmed in Ciudad Acuna, Coahuila, Mexico, located across the Rio Grande from Del Rio, Texas. The story follows El Mariachi who wants to play guitar.  However, the town he chooses to do this in is unfortunately plagued with a killer who uses his guitar case to hide his guns.
Dir. Robert Rodriguez.  With Carlos Gallardo, Consuelo Gomez, Jaime de Hoyos.
Photograph of desert scape around Ciudad Juarez
Los Ojos del Desierto (1992)
Also known as The Eyes of the Desert this movie was set in Ciudad Juarez, on the border with Texas.
Dir. Juan Salvador.  With Carlos Olivas, Samuel Zubiate.
Street scene from Cuiudad Juarez
Otra Orilla del Deseo (1992)
Also known as Another Edge of Desire this movie was set in Ciudad Juarez, across the border from El Paso, Texas.
Dir. Armine Arjona, Samuel Zubiate.  With Carlos Olivas, Humberto Leal Valenzuela.
Promotional poster for Blue Sky
Blue Sky (1994)
This movie was filmed partly in El Paso, Texas. It follows a family who are moving to a new military base.  The wife inadvertently becomes involved in a plan to cover up the testing of nuclear bombs.
Dir. Tony Richardson.  With Tommy Lee Jones, Jessica Lange.
Promotional poster for 8 Seconds
8 Seconds (1994)
This film follows the life of Lane Frost, the 1987 PRCA Bull Riding World Champion. It is set in Del Rio, Texas.
Dir. John G Avildsen.  With Luke Perry, James Rebhorn, Cameron Finley.
Still frame from film featuring a gun showdown
Crossroads of Laredo (1995)
Also known as 'The Streets of Laredo'.  This was an Edward D. Wood Jr. movie that was not completed until recently.  The story itself revolves around a rogue who kills a man and hopes to have gotten away with it.  However, the hero proves to the town what has happened and wins his girl back too.
Dir. and starring Edward D. Wood Jr.
Cover image from Streets of Laredo DVD
Streets of Laredo (1995)
Also known as 'Larry McMurtry's Streets of Laredo,' this television mini series was set in Laredo, Texas.
Dir. Joseph Sargeant.  With James Garner, Sissy Spacek, Sam Shepherd, Randy Quaid.
Promotional poster for El Regresso del Carro Rojo
El Regreso del Carro Rojo (1995)
A mafia tale that was filmed in Brownsville, Texas.
Dir. Pedro Galindo III.  With Hilda Aguirre, Fernando Durn.
Promotional poster for From Dusk Till Dawn
From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)
Filmed in Chihuahua, Mexico and Austin, Texas amongst other locations, the story concerns two brothers who kidnap a preacher and his children.  The group cross the border to Mexico where they arrive at a strip bar that is teaming with vampires.
Dir. Robert Rodriguez.  With Harvey Keitel, George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino, Juliette Lewis, Ernest Liu, Salma Hayek.
Promotional poster for Lone Star
Lone Star (1996)
When the skeleton of his murdered predecessor is found, Sheriff Sam Deeds unearths many other long-buried secrets in his Texas border town.
Dir. John Sayles.  With Kris Kristofferson, Mathew McConaughey, Stephen Mendillo, Stephen J. Lang.
Promotional poster for Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing (1996)
This movie was shot partly in El Paso, Texas. A travelling cowboy becomes caught in the middle of a war in a ghost town.  The war is between the Irish and Italian communities during the prohibition era.
Dir. Walter Hill.  With Bruce Willis, Bruce Dern, Christopher Walken.
Promotional poster for La Rubia y La Morena
La Rubia y La Morena (1997)
The story of the trial of two female drug traffickers set in Ciudad Juarez.
Dir. Guillermo Alarid.  With Lina Santos, Guillermo Quintanilla.
Promotional poster for On the Border
On the Border (1998)
A man who works in security at the local bank gets caught up between two women and their robbery plans.  The action takes place in a Texas border town.
Dir. John Misiorowski.  With Casper Van Dien, Bryan Brown, Daniel Baldwin, Rochelle Swanson.
Promotional poster for 16 en La Lista
16 en la Lista, Crimines en Juarez (1998)
This film tells of criminal activity in Ciudad Juarez.
Dir. Roberto Rodoberri.  With Manuel Ojeda, Vanessa Guzman.